“We ordered two bottles of the Colby Red Wine in honor of our first grandson
who was born without a pulmonary heart valve. He is 6 weeks old has had a PDA repair
his first week of life and now is looking at the valve surgery soon.
Thank you Colby for doing this for our grandson….” Nancy Bliese

“Wonderful wine! Will definitely buy more AND I know a few friends who will enjoy it as well.
Thanks! =]” Trisch Cronin

“Love the wine and what Colby is doing. My husband had bypass surgery
2 years ago and we do what we can to support the Heart Association.
Thank you Colby to you and your family.”  Nancy Noyes

“We just shared the story and 3 bottles of Colby red with 13 dinner party guests…
Thank your for your efforts to make a difference!
We support you and your family 150%…”  Jennifer Loe Carothers

“Had seen this at Walgreens, …I bought it and really enjoyed it! I plan to buy more and more!
It’s good for just sitting around and sipping with friends, and that’s the most fun way to enjoy wine.
Thanks!”  Mabel Dickerson MacMillan

“I bought Colby Red for my daughters wedding reception, everybody loved it!”  Judy Strickland


To raise research dollars from the sale of each bottle of Colby Red by supporting charities that promote heart health.