Winemaker Daryl Groom

DarylGroomDaryl Groom has been involved in the wine industry in both the USA and Australia for more than 30 years. Currently he is engaged in a number of wine-related projects in both countries.  He is the Owner/ Winemaker for Groom Wines in Australia, a very successful ultra premium wine brand. In California his major time is taken up with Colby Red Wine, a wine initiated and inspired by his son Colby Groom where proceeds go to charities across the USA that promote heart health.

Daryl is also a winemaker for Naked Wines where he makes and sells his classy and tasty DRG brand.

Daryl has been awarded over 10 Winemaker of the Year awards and is a wine judge at 8 major wine competitions.


To raise research dollars from the sale of each bottle of Colby Red by supporting charities that promote heart health.